Why it is worh to renovate a basement

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Wish your London house was bigger, better organised and had that one extra bedroom you could put your guests in? The houses that have been here for many years are usually not what people see as modern, but they can be upgraded in more ways than you’d think. Best

GDPR – is your organization ready for that?

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The General Data Protection Regulation, which has become effective on May 25th 2018 is a big concern to many companies as they struggle to meet the regulation or, as some surveys show, are not even aware of its existence. Regardless the state of their data management system now, GDPR

Extension Design Ideas

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There are so many people who feel like their house could use some changes, building extensions has become one of the major architectural trends of the past couple of years. A well designed addition has the potential to transform the space completely, but doing it just for the sake

Dick Whittington Design & Build

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The traditional organization of work, where the architect, consultant and contractor work separately turns out to be ineffective and leads to a waste of time and money. We focus on teamwork and try to look at the problem as a whole so that we can do our work effectively.

Reimagining the future of cinema

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People have been saying that cinemas have no future for quite a few years now, and have been constantly proven wrong when new innovations came into play. When TV first hit the market, the idea of having to go to the movies seemed pointless, but as most premieres are

Why is it worth renovating the basement

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Renovating a basement may seem like an odd choice for those who are so used to it being closed-off, invisible to anyone storage space for all things unneeded. However, with some houses being too small once the family is growing bigger, there are many families looking for some change

Cloud IT infrastructure and Amazon Web Services

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The cloud services are everywhere. Many companies operating in the wide IT industry are moving their businesses to virtual servers, reducing their overall expenses and saving on the hardware needs.


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The ins2outs tool is a convenient system that allows you to efficiently manage your certificates and information within the company’s or organization’s structure.

Software development

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Today, we present you an innovative software house from Poland, specialized in software development, AWS solutions and IoT.

What is AdWords?

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Adwords is an ad program. It will display small ads on Google, which are displayed to the right of the search results.