Extension Design Ideas

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There are so many people who feel like their house could use some changes, building extensions has become one of the major architectural trends of the past couple of years. A well designed addition has the potential to transform the space completely, but doing it just for the sake of it could ruin the whole idea of creating a useful space. There are so many ideas that you can base your plans on and think of, it may become hard to decide on one particular project. Because house renovations are not an easy and cheap process, we found a couple of extension design ideas that can make your decision much easier.

Extend by just a little and change a lot

There’s no need to wonder how much is it going to cost to build a whole new part of the house and make it look like all the designer houses out there. Sometimes you just need to bite the bullet, extend width-wise and make the extension shallow, but significant. Most people do that when they have a garden they don’t actually use that much or just have too much of it. By extending the main walls of the house you can get quite a lot of room without needing too much space outside and it shouldn’t cost a fortune as you’re not taking a lot of the land itself.

A glass conservatory

Doing a whole room out of glass can be quite expensive, but it can actually be much cheaper than going for solid brick walls. A conservatory isn’t usually a heated room and it serves almost as a part of the garden that happens to be under a roof. Make it your dining room, your greenery or a space to hang out with friends when it’s raining outside. It looks modern and definitely is a big design trend at the moment.

Go for small and multi-purpose

It’s definitely easy to pay a lot of money for an extension, but if you’re willing to do so, make sure it serves multiple purposes and is actually getting a lot of use. Think about what is missing in your house and how you could change its layout to match the extension. Some people decide to build a smaller extension, move a part of their living room there and with the part that has been spared inside the house, build another bathroom, bedroom or office. It’s not that expensive, but it sure changes a lot.


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