Reimagining the future of cinema

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People have been saying that cinemas have no future for quite a few years now, and have been constantly proven wrong when new innovations came into play. When TV first hit the market, the idea of having to go to the movies seemed pointless, but as most premieres are still shown there first and the screen is much bigger than anyone could put in their house, cinematic world is still big. How does it look, however, going to the future?

Movies are changing

There is no doubt that there have been major changes in technology as far as at-home TV sets go. You no longer have to compare the massive screen at your local cinema to the tiny one at home – those designed for home purposes are now bigger than ever and there is a huge market for at-home projectors as well. With that in mind, it seems like cinemas would have a lot to worry about. On top of that, new streaming services are coming to play every year, with powerhouses like Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO and Amazon Prime attracting a lot of people.

What cinemas will most probably do

If your competition is improving their services, you have to do it too if you want to stay relevant. It might seem like cinemas haven’t changed that much since the comeback of 3D and stereoscopy, but it seems like the industry is heading the right way. With more and more cinemas opening to the idea of 4D, where you can not only see the image in 3D, but also feel the wind, smell the scents and feel the shakes, it seems like we could feel even more united with the characters on the screen. It might take a while for cinemas to change to 4D completely, but the number of those that have it in their plans is growing.

What is also growing is the idea of glasses-free 3D, known to many users from Nintendo. Using a parallax barrier the image is split into two right at the screen and each eye receives a different view of the same thing without having to wear those uncomfortable glasses. Lastly, there is a big chance that the near future of cinemas will lay in hands of VR. Cinemas dedicated purely to the virtual reality are being opened around the world and it might change a lot in the way we watch movies and the way the plot is constructed. Will it ever become a common feature? Only time will tell.

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