What is AdWords?

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Adwords is an ad program. It will display small ads on Google, which are displayed to the right of the search results.Previously, it was available in English on Google.com. If you run an online shop or offer a service, you can have ads displayed above and next to Google’s search results. The ads can be authored and displayed for specific search terms. They are matched to the context of the query and switched accordingly. When a visitor clicks on such an ad, a fee is charged per click. The amount of the fee is determined by yourself. The higher this is, the higher the ad is switched.


Pros and cons

– With Adwords, an alternative to conventional search engine marketing is to be created. But the costs can sometimes be very high. A disadvantage, which must be considered.

– Search engine relevant keywords have become very expensive. Adwords is still used. As is known, a certain period of time is required for the measures of search engine optimization. Until the desired position in Google is reached, Adwords can represent an attractive opportunity.


Keyword Tools

Also for an Adwords campaign, it is important to identify the optimal keywords, find matching texts, and monitor and control all steps again and again. It may be useful to transfer these tasks to a specific provider. Alternatively, you should deal with it thoroughly. To find the right keywords, for example, Adwords Agent is a help.

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