Why it is worh to renovate a basement

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Wish your London house was bigger, better organised and had that one extra bedroom you could put your guests in? The houses that have been here for many years are usually not what people see as modern, but they can be upgraded in more ways than you’d think. Best example? Try renovating your basement and putting it to good use! Why is it worth the investment you’d ask? Well, a basement can add so much without actually needing much change.

Increase property value

One of the first reasons that many people decide nowadays to upgrade their basements and make them actually a useful part of the house is the fact that such renovation will bring up the property value significantly. Nobody said that a basement has to be this dark and cold space for keeping your winter clothes at – it can be a fully functional, cosy and most of all useful part of the house. There are many ideas on what you can do with your basement, but we won’t go into details just yet. All you need to remember now is that renovating a basement is generally less stressful, cheaper and far more practical alternative to building an extension, especially if your free land space is limited.

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Make use out of every corner

Sticking with the limited space theme, most London houses are quite small if you put a whole family in there. Making use of every corner of the house sounds practical so why not count the basement as the additional space you always needed? You can make it into an utility room/storage if you want, but even then you can make it better than just putting things down carelessly. Think about making the space as nice as possible, put some heating up and don’t forget about a proper shelving system – it makes organisation so much easier.

Get the room you always wanted

Think about which room you miss the most and would make the most use out of. Are you in need of an office, a playroom, a games room, a spare bedroom? With proper preparation and renovation work, your basement can become anything from a children’s fun space to a gym and contain all the clutter that would otherwise take a lot of space in the main part of the house. The basement should not be treated as a separate entity but rather like a less visible but equally important room. After all, it was built for a reason.

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