Why is it worth renovating the basement

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Renovating a basement may seem like an odd choice for those who are so used to it being closed-off, invisible to anyone storage space for all things unneeded. However, with some houses being too small once the family is growing bigger, there are many families looking for some change just to get more bedrooms and general house space. Did you ever consider how much space you are actually losing by not using your basement, though? It could become a great bedroom, bathroom, playroom, gym – whatever you see fit your needs. Why is it worth renovating the basement?

Double your home size

With most houses being now just the ground floor plus a small attic/bedroom with slanted roof, no wonder there is not that much space for guest bedrooms and fun add-ons. However, most of those houses do have a basement and you know what? It’s the size of your ground floor! This means that by renovating the space and turning it into a useful room or in fact couple of rooms, you can get the best out of your house. With that in mind, you can create whatever you were missing from the home initially and don’t bother looking for a new place once your family outgrows the main room! Bonus – if you actually decide to sell one day, there is a great chance your house will stand out on the market more if you bother to make the basement an integral part of the house.

Invest in your property

Staying on the topic of looking for a new place, many people keep moving houses because there’s something missing in their current place. However, going for a renovation instead and doing up the basement means not only extending the house without needing any permits, but also adding to the value of the property! Instead of having a two-bedroom and one bathroom home, you could get three or even four bedrooms and two bathrooms, or an additional kids’ room, gym, living room, at home cinema – whatever you fancy. Do it in a way that fits the rest of the house, keep it simple and enjoy the renovation process as it is. It may take a while, but it will be worth it. And remember – basements were designed for storage, so keep it in mind when you re-do it and plan for some multipurpose storage units down there.

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